Banh Mi & Wok is a quick service restaurant with a deliciously creative and collaborative Pan-Asian menu. A place that’s always filled with passion for food and life!


You can casually walk-in here, alone or with your gang, to hang-out place and simply unwind, with some seriously impressive food!


Here, we bring to you the essence of the fun-filled, vibrant streets of Asian countries! How? Through FOOD, of-course!


In the form of delectable traditional Asian dishes, wonderfully paired and twisted with our own touch of flavours, we capture the magic of Asian cultures, in an exciting wide-range menu.

We are a fun & casual eatery inspired by the tasty delicacies of Pan Asian food Union set in a vibrant Asian-pop-style canteen.

Asia – a diversely beautiful continent – along with its various extravagant features, also encompasses foods that are not just absolutely scrumptious, but super healthy, too!


Pan-Asian cuisine originated from the exotic Asian culture that includes Chinese, Indian, Thai, Korean, Indonasian, Malay,  Vietnamese and so so so much more!!



Our Philosophy

Create a unique culinary experience for our customers –
those people who love Oriental cuisine,
and want flavourful, healthy and quick on-the-go meals.